Trp Fusible Interlinings


An Innovation in Interlining Coating Technology ..


** trp is a registered Trade Mark of Shubh Swasan (India)

Shubh Swasan presents a whole new breed of fusible interlinings using an innovative interlining coating technology - trp® !!!

trp® is a technological revolution is coating technology that increases the performance of fusible interlinings!

trp® coating ensures:

Higher bonding strength values.
The improvements in pil-bond strength values would, on an average, 8-10% higher in comparison to double dot / paste dot interlinings.

Retains softness of fabric
All coating techniques powder dot, double dot, etc do not guarantee the REAL soft feel of the fabric. Infact, a soft fabric becomes mild stiff post coating. The unique trp coating system maintains the natural hand feel of the fabric. Experience the 'real-soft collars using trp fusibles.

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