Formulated Polymer Powders(FPP)

Chemical & Adhesives

heat transfer screen printing, transfer labels, etc

Product features:
Excellent adhesion
Good washing resistance
Dry-clean resistant
Faster drying of water-based inks.
Fabric compatibility
FPP has excellent compatibility with cotton, polyester & nylon fabrics – woven & knits.

Technical data

  Product Melt range fusing conditions 40Cwash  resistance Dry-clean
Temp(C)  Time(sec) Pressure
2011 105-115 130-140 12-15 2-3 bar  Excellent Good
2021 115-125 145-155 12-15 2-3 bar Excellent normal

Particle size: 0-80 microns & 80-200 microns


  • the selection of the powder should be done taking fusing parameters into consideration
  • for direct coating applications, 0-80 microns is recommended
  • for spray coating (transfer labels) , 80-200 microns is recommended

Application techniques

Direct coating
Particle size recommended : 0-80 microns

  • Mix approx 10-15% of FPP2011 (or) FPP2021 in the water-based ink.
  • Mix thoroughly to achieve uniform paste.
  • Screen print using 80-150 mesh.
  • Print twice to ensure the coating thickness reaches approx 30-50 microns.

After printing, cure at approx 130-150 C.

Spray coating

  • Particle size recommended : 80-200 microns
  • Screen coat base substrate with water-based ink.
  • spray or scatter FPP 2011 (or) FPP2021 over the wet layer(screen printed area). remove the excess powder on sides using a small blower or suction pump.
  • Cure at approx 130-150 C.
  • Fuse the transfer label at above mentioned conditions.

Note: all the above data is only suggestive. It is recommended that practical tests are conducted by the user before bulk usage.

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